Web Design
January 2023


Designing the BenFrancis HQ Website

Designing a website for a brand like BenFrancis HQ is an exciting opportunity to create a digital platform that not only showcases his great music but also helps connect with Ben's audience. The new website would be a vital tool in reinvigorating the online presence. Here's a journey through the process of creating a fresh and vibrant website for BenFrancis HQ:

Discovery and Vision
The project commenced with a detailed discussion with Ben Francis. It was important to understand the vision for BenFrancis HQ's new website. He emphasised the need for a modern, visually captivating, and user-friendly platform that reflects the brand's innovative spirit and fitness focus.

Content and Aesthetics
Based on Ben Francis's vision, I dived into selecting a platform and crafting the website's aesthetics. A clean and contemporary layout was chosen to align with the brand’s aspirations. A colour scheme that resonates with BenFrancis HQ's identity was incorporated, and high-quality images of their products and activities were selected to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Content Creation
Compelling content was key. Collaborating with Ben, I created engaging text for each page. The website focused on conveying BenFrancis HQ's journey, highlighting upcoming events, and providing links to his music and services.

Showcase Music
The heart of the website is the Music. A dedicated section was created to showcase BenFrancis HQ's range of Music . Integration with Spotify functionality allowed visitors to browse and stream music seamlessly.

SEO Optimisation
The website was optimized for search engines to enhance its discoverability. Relevant keywords, meta tags, and alt descriptions were implemented.

Final Review and Launch
The website was meticulously reviewed, and final adjustments were made to perfect every detail. A launch date was set, and the site was officially unveiled.

Ongoing Engagement
The journey continues post-launch. Ben regularly updates the site with new content and exciting news, creating a vibrant online community of visitors. The website remains a hub for visitors to explore BenFrancis HQ's music, events, and stories.

Bens Review
Working with Daniel of D-S Design was such a great experience while creating a new website for my music. Daniel was professional, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. The task was completed promptly and to a high standard, even with the changes that I had asked for.
I would highly recommend D - S Design to any business looking to create a quality online presence.

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