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October 2022


Belle Street's New Website

Designing a website for musicians like Joni and Susan, who form the duo Belle-Street, is an exciting opportunity to create a digital platform that not only showcases their musical talent but also helps connect with their audience. As their existing website was outdated, the new website would be a vital tool in reinvigorating their online presence. Here's a journey through the process of creating a fresh and vibrant website for Belle-Street:

Discovery and Vision

The project commences with a detailed discussion with Joni and Susan. It's important to understand their vision for Belle-Street's new website. They emphasize the need for a modern, visually captivating, and user-friendly platform that reflects the band's musical style and persona.

Content and Aesthetics

Based on Joni and Susan's vision, I dived into selecting a platform and crafting the website's aesthetics. A clean and contemporary layout is chosen to align with the band's aspirations. A color scheme that resonates with Belle-Street's music is incorporated, and high-quality images from their performances are selected to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Content Creation

Compelling content is key. Collaborating with Joni and Susan, we created engaging text for each page. The website focuses on conveying Belle-Street's musical journey, highlighting upcoming shows and events, and providing links to their music.

Showcase the Music

The heart of the website is the music. A dedicated section is created to showcase Belle-Street's tracks, albums, and music videos. Integration with music streaming platforms allows visitors to listen to their music seamlessly through embedding Spotify to the site.

Chapter 5: Promote Upcoming Shows

A dynamic "Events" section is added to keep fans informed about upcoming shows and performances for both their sining performances but performances such as Hugh the musical. Dates, venues, and ticket links are easily accessible.

Engage with viewers

To foster vistor engagement, a YouTube section is incorporated. Here, Joni and Susan share behind-the-scenes stories, updates, and insights,.

Gallery and Media

A gallery of high-quality images and videos from Belle-Street's performances & trailer are added to immerse visitors in the duo's experience.

Contact and Social Media Integration

Contact information and social media links are prominently displayed. Visitors can connect with Joni and Susan through their preferred social platforms and reach out for inquiries and bookings.

Responsive Design and Testing

Ensuring the website is mobile-responsive and performs flawlessly across various devices and browsers is a priority. Rigorous testing is conducted to address any potential issues.

SEO Optimization

The website is optimized for search engines to enhance its discoverability. Relevant keywords, meta tags, and alt descriptions are implemented.

Final Review and Launch

The website is meticulously reviewed, and final adjustments are made to perfect every detail. A launch date is set, and the site is officially unveiled.

Ongoing Engagement

The journey continues post-launch. Joni and Susan regularly update their site event list and share exciting news, creating a vibrant online community of visitors. The website remains a hub for visitors to explore Belle-Street's music, shows, and stories.

The new website not only breathes fresh life into Belle-Street's online presence but also serves as a hub for their musical journey, connecting them with fans, and creating a vibrant online community. It's a digital stage where Joni and Susan can showcase their musical talents and share their passion for music with the world.

Old Website

Their old website was not serving them well and was outdated.

Their new website:

Mock up 1 Across all devices
Mockup 2 across all devices
Mock up 3 Showing responsive design
Mock up 4 Showing the site plan

Their review:

We are so pleased we chose Daniel to work on our website. He listened to what we were looking for and we feel he kept to our brief really well. He pointed out things that we could include that we hadn’t thought of, and made sure we had all the components that we had requested. On top of that he brought a creative flair to the design so we ended up with a beautiful, professional and efficient website. We would definitely recommend Daniel to any business looking for a great quality website designer.

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